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TOP5 characters of the movies and series

TOP5 characters of the movies and series

1. Jack Norris Bauer: He is above God. He is most stronger and intelligent than a Jedi. He doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep and doesn’t uses the bathroom. He doesn’t forgive any enemy, any friends. Jack Norris Bauer it already killed several of them. (24)

2. Peter EMO Parker: If you loose your girlfriend and was betrayed by your best friend, the answer is turn you and symbiont into one, in other words, join to the EMO cause and go dancing in the streets like a superstar. (Spider-man 3)

3. James Bond Sawyer: Ironic, lover, sarcastic and ironic again. Everything that women look in a good (?) man. Maybe the most loved and hated at the same time. And that will never be an EMO. (LOST)

4. Agent Windows Smith: In the trilogy, he is an old security software that doesn’t accept to be turned off. Because of that, becomes the most badass of the Matrix with his black humor: Got it, Mr Anderson?! (The Matrix)

5. Jack Scissorhands Sparrow: Who doesn’t remember the classic Edward Scissorhands?! It seems like Depp when interprets Captain Sparrow brings back to life another EMO: Edward. His hair says everything. (Pirates of the Caribbean)

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